Tips For Planning A Luau-Inspired Special Event

If you're planning a special event and don't know where to start, consider choosing a theme first. Picking a theme will help you narrow options such as menu items down, making the planning process easier.  One party theme that will appeal to a wide range of guests, from kids to grandparents, is a luau. Not only will the theme feature fun, island-inspired decorations, and music, but the menu will also offer many fresh and delicious selections made with fresh seafood and seasonal produce. [Read More]

4 Ways To Recreate A High-Quality Café Experience At Home

An excellent cup of coffee can help you start the day right. Unfortunately, visiting your favorite cafe can get expensive after a while. Luckily, you don't have to visit an upscale coffee shop to enjoy rich, delicious coffee. Here are some tips that can help you recreate the experience of a high-quality cafe at home using Colombian whole bean coffee: 1. Taste your coffee before adding cream or sugar Everyone has a unique taste when it comes to their favorite way to enjoy coffee. [Read More]

Different Ways To Cook With Pork Chorizo

You might use a lot of different ingredients when you're cooking, and you might always be looking for new ingredients that you can try. If this is the case, then you might be interested in trying pork chorizo. You have likely heard that Mexican or Spanish pork chorizo is a delicious product, but you might not have ever cooked with it, so you may not really be sure of what you can do with it. [Read More]

How to Make Great Coffee Using Coffee Pods

Coffee pod brewers allow busy people to make single cups of coffee whenever they want. Since coffee pod brewers extract coffee from pre-packaged coffee pods, they can save users a lot of time in the morning. You'll never have to measure coffee grounds while you are still tired again. Some people are skeptical about the flavor provided by pod brewed coffee, but you can still create hot, fresh coffee using coffee pods. [Read More]